Cape Town Lately, GD Industries

Cape Town Lately is your latest and freshest online platform, bringing you everything you need to know about the Mother City.

Voted the best destination in the world by many international foundations, Kaapstad has so much to offer, and we’re here to cover it. Cape Town Lately provides updates on all the trends, from the latest news, to the popular social spots in and around the city, to profiles on individuals making a notable impact in their respective industries and communities.

The Sip, GD Industries

The Sip is an interactive digital platform endorsing a stronger wine-tasting culture in and around Cape Town. Our aim is to educate locals and tourists of all backgrounds about the diverse wine community in our region, which will increase interest among the public. This will create a stronger demand for wine products and wine-related activities, such as tastings, tours, dining and accommodation.

The Sip will also focus on other alcohol brands, such as whisky, brandy, gin and craft beer.