GD Industries: A dream come true

Youth entrepreneur Gareth Duncan has proudly announced the opening of his media strategy company, GD Industries.

Duncan, who has been recognised as one of the top young media professionals in South Africa in recent years, has grown into his own since starting his career as a sports journalist in 2009.

He describes this new venture as a chapter that will open doors for brands who want to invest in “modern media”.

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“I call my business a media strategy company because there are new and innovative ways for brands to create exposure and hype. There is no longer a strong dependence on traditional media,” explains Duncan.

“Many businesses are not able to afford the bills charged by traditional media, such as TV, radio and print. The prices of these campaigns are no longer worth the value… their readership and viewership stats have dropped since the growth of digital media.

“And the sad thing is… even if a smaller brand forks out the cash to use traditional media advertising, these campaigns are ineffective as established brands boast bigger budgets and pay for prime advertising and exposure space.

“However, there is hope. I believe with the correct strategy, any brand can succeed if they spend their marketing budgets wisely. Thanks to digital media, there are creative ways to market your brand and to communicate current and potential clients.

“I believe GD Industries can help brands achieve this.”

Duncan believes his experience will help brands and initiatives, especially those with tight budgets.

“With the support and partnership of Darren Biddlecombe’s The Media Crowd, I’ve been able to learn about the competitive environment of modern media in South Africa and Africa,” says Duncan.

“Digital media has made it possible for newer and smaller brands to succeed in their respective industries. You just need the proper strategy in place to achieve your goals, which leads to growth.”

GD Industries currently has two departments focused on internal and external strategies.

The company boasts titles such as Cape Town Lately and The Sip.

On its client list, GD Industries is the key driver behind the MyPlayers media platform and other start-up companies.

GD Industries also assists with social media management, website development and other digital development and innovation.